Artisanne will be at the Northwest Chocolate Festival 2015, Oct 3, 4.

A taste of what you will experience… The NW Chocolate Festival 2015 will be two days of pure chocolate decadence. You will taste chocolate from the finest artisan chocolate and pastry makers, plus have opportunities to learn a great deal about its origins, processing, culinary explorations, and more! The festival hosts 70+ workshops and demonstrations led by top

  • Award-winning chocolate makers sharing their expertise on chocolate and their craft.
  • Tastings to learn how to distinguish fine chocolate from different origins around the world.
  • The crushing of cacao beans by hand using traditional tools.
  • Live chocolate making demonstrations, from bean to bar.
  • Workshops on how to temper chocolate, make truffles, ganaches, and fine pastry desserts.
  • Opportunities to speak with cacao farmers from Ecuador and Peru.
  • Fresh cacao fruit recently harvested from the cocoa tree, a rare experience in the United States. Guests were invited to taste the fruit.
  • The “Aphrodisiac Room” where beer, wine, and spirits partners teamed up with chocolate makers to expand guests’ palates with unique chocolate and drink pairings.
  • Kids Zone with fun activities for kids.



Chocolate Festival



Bell Harbor Pier
2211 Alaskan Way
International Pier 66
Seattle, WA 98121



Sa 10a-5p
Su 10a–5p